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This orange tree is actually the hidden entrance that will lead one to straight to the Stranger's House place, so go ahead and interact with MapleStory2 Mesos. Where you'll locate a Mushkid waiting by the 19, you'll be transported to some map.

If you're in the right location, just drop all the way down to the base of the map to find the Mushmom awaiting you in MapleStory 2. That being said, keep a look out on the orange tree to readily find the Stranger's House from the Henesys map.

The Mushmom shouldn't put much of a fight up , so only defeat your hard-earned star to be claimed by her in MapleStory 2. You will see the ruined house on precisely the same degree as the boss, and if you interact with the stone facing it, you should pull a deed.Congrats, that is one more star added into your exploration collection!

Show off your creative side and create your own layouts. Here is the way to get customized clothes and outfits at MapleStory 2. Aside from fighting and fretting on quests, MapleStory 2 provides a lot of recreational activities to perform. From fishing to instruments that are playing, there's no shortage of activities from the game.

You are in luck, if you love designing custom clothing and outfits. MapleStory 2 enables gamers to design their own threads and even offer them for some quick Meret.That said, if you want to get some custom clothes and outfits, then you can either design them yourself or buy them via the Meret shop.

Check the lower right side of your display and click the Maple Workshop button if you would like to express your creative side. To find it, just look for the white cube icon next to the house icon onto the lower-rightmost of your screen.Above that white block should be a block using a paintbrush next to it, that's that the Maple Workshop. When you click on that, you'll bring up a screen of your character along with design templates. Scroll down and look the templates for click on and outfits that one you would like.

From that point, you are going to pull up a listing of pre-made templates around your screen's left side. Simply pick one to try it on, and name your design if you like it. After that's done, just press the"Create" button at the bottom of your screen.Take note you will need to pay a commission. You may only pay for your designs through Merets, so keep that in mind when designing your own custom clothing and outfits.

If you are not a big fan of the designs, you can import your own designs to Official MapleStory 2 Wiki. All you have to do is click on the"Open File" button near the"Open Folder" choice on the menu to bring any templates you have designed.From there, just assign it over to any outfits or clothes and pay the Merets to utilize it. You can also edit a design in MapleStory 2 by clicking on it and pressing the"New" button.

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